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Top 5 IT predictions that’ll never happen

By now, you're probably sick of all sorts of journalists telling you what to expect in 2009. Here's a sort of antidote

iPhone ad fumble reveals 3G weakness

The Apple ads showed pages loading in a snap when in reality you have time to put the kettle on, put the coffee in the mug, go to the fridge for the milk and add sugar to taste before they will render

Are CIOs moving on?

It may be that the fear factor of changing company and changing career has gone. The flexible nature of mortgages, savings and so on, has made it more attractive for people to take career holidays

Opinion: CIOs don’t need to be on the board

New research suggests that just under half of U.K. CIOs sit on their respective boards. Frankly, I'd be surprised if the true number was that high and even if the figure was substantially lower it's hard to get too worked up about the situation.

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