Mark Schrutt

Mark Schrutt
Mark is a 30 year veteran of the information technology industry. Mark began his career in sales during the formative years of IT outsourcing. As Vice President at the leading tech research firm, IDC established Mark as one of the foremost analysts and consultants on emerging technologies digital transformation. Mark has helped shape the go-to-market strategies for some of the largest consultancies, service and cloud providers in the marketplace. He is the author of over 200 IDC industry reports. He has broken ground in economic policies, including the technology skills gap, the economic impact of offshoring, and Canada’s innovation mandate. Mark continues to be a Strategic Advisor on innovation for IDC. His book, "Shifting the Balance: how top organizations beat the competition by combining intuition with data," comes out on April 6 on ECW.

3 factors that are driving us towards a data-driven decision-making world

There are a number of factors moving us to a data-driven decision-making world. IDC's Mark Schrutt breaks down three of them.

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