Mark Langford

Mark Langford is an IT consultant who has completed the CMMC-AB Registered Practitioner course and can now help defence contractors prepare their cyber defences for CMMC certification. Mark's career objective is to help organizations develop innovative cybersecurity defence strategies by creating a security road map that aligns their strategic goals with their mandate for confidentiality, availability, and integrity of their intellectual property and their need for business continuity. Emphasis on risk assessments, compliance (CMMC, DFARS, FAR, CIS Top 20, ISO 27001, NIST 800 171, NIST 800 53, and HIPAA), and cyber awareness training.

Articles by Mark Langford

Buying cyber insurance may be worse than not getting any at all

All too often, organizations skimp on doing the right things because they are hard. Instead, they purchase cyber insurance to act as a huge band-aid to cover up all their cyber-risk exposures. That’s when the problems start.

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