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Hackers publish massive credential list

Hackers claim that an SQL injection vulnerability allowed them to steal plain-text log-in credentials from an unnamed Yahoo service

New Java-based Web attack discovered

So far only two Web sites have been discovered with the back door malware, which can infect Windows, Linux and Mac computers

Aerospace industry attacks use Sykipot malware

Security researchers from AlienVault have detected new Sykipot attack campaigns

Cisco patches VPN vulnerabilities

Two of the vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to execute malicious code on a user's system, while the other two could allow an attacker to downgrade the client to an older versionrnrn

Report: Flame US-Israeli cyberattack against Iran

Unnamed Western officials confirmed that Flame was developed by US and Israeli governments, the Washington Post reported

Researchers discover link between Stuxnet and Flame

Flame module was incorporated in early Stuxnet version, Kaspersky Lab researchers say

Hackers can bypass MySQL password verification

The likelihood of triggering the vulnerability on affected machines is one in 256, making password protection "as good as nonexistent," says one researcher. Find out if your machine is vulnerable

Flame malware self-destructed: Symantec

Flame self-destruct module overwrites file data to prevent forensic analysis

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