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Windows tablet ‘delayed till 2012’: report

In the same week that Apple released iPad 2, arch rival Microsoft is rumoured to be dallying its own version of Windows for tablets until late next year, Bloomberg reports

4G networks step closer with Voice standard

LTE networks, better known as 4G, look set to take off now that major carriers have agreed on the "One Voice Profile," a standard that defines a viable solution for voice in LTErn

Bluetooth chipsets to reach 2 billion by 2014

The technology is expected to be in 83 per cent of all netbooks within the next five years, according to ABI Research

Mobile 4G moving closer

Operators rush to upgrade 3G networks while LTE waits in the wings

Will Google Street View have to say sayonara to Japan?

Banned in Greece and chased out of a village in England, Google is now facing complaints from Japanese who say the search engine's Street View cameras are placed to high and peering into private areas

Will iPhone and 3G smartphones kill in-car GPS systems?

With GPS being built into the majority of smartphones, and users increasingly being given maps on their phone by default, the threat to portable navigation device vendors is rising quickly

Most Apple iPhone users are poor

Low income earners are transforming luxury smartphones into practical all-in-one communication and entertainment tools, says market research firm Comscore

Happy birthday, mobile phone!

The first commercial cell phone call was made 25 years ago on a device that worked for 60 minutes on a 10-hour charge-up

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