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How to protect your IT career from cloud computing

Already under pressure, IT pros face new competition for their jobs from cloud services. Here's a look at which jobs go, and which become more valuable

Case study: Unifying call and customer data

The Hudson Group, a Boston-based application service provider, builds and provides software services for ground transportation companies. The company was looking for a...

SOA finds its VOIP

Outside of the call center, voice/data applications have yet to take off. But adding unified communications services to SOA environments may change all that.

Microsoft integrates voice with biz software

After years of dipping its toe in the waters of unified voice and data communications, Microsoft is ready to dive in headfirst, and will unveil its Unified Communication Product Roadmap and Partner Ecosystem.

Doing VoIP the right way

With the huge number of potential threats and vulnerabilities, will VoIP users soon find themselves plagued by service interruptions and eavesdropping? To date, there have been no devastating, widely publicized attacks on enterprise VoIP systems. Why? Vendors and analysts offer several valid reasons

VoIP vulnerabilities

Is enterprise VoIP (voice over IP) due for a security wakeup call or are the threats mostly exaggerated? It depends on who

Building the intelligent network

The days of the fat, dumb pipe are over. Server applications and storage have been shouldering the intelligence and security burden for too long. It

SOA meets hefty regulations

One of the promises of services-oriented architecture (SOA) is enabling companies to leverage existing legacy systems as a set of reusable building blocks that can be assembled to create new processes and applications quickly. That

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