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Blocked at the pass

The issue of fees paid by competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) to incumbent phone companies has become a lightening rod in the wake of the financial squeeze on Canada

Wheel of telecom history spinning back to monopoly

The history of the telecom industry offers a critical lesson that is worth recalling in the face of many recent business failures.

Telecom shareholders need a Reformation

The disastrous drop in telecom share prices and controversy surrounding massive stock option payouts to industry kingpins, including Nortel Networks Corp. CEO John Roth, point to the need for an industry-wide Reformation.

Wireless location technology poses threats to all parties

During a recent trip to Germany, I naively thought of myself as a simple traveller and sightseer. But each swipe of my credit card left a digital footprint along my journey, which one major credit card company termed an

Bell decision reminiscent of past reaction to competition

Bell Canada's quiet decision to limit its First Rate consumer long-distance calling plan sends an alarming message...

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