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Will VMware’s vSphere solve IT cloud computing worries?

VMware hopes vSphere 4 will help the company gain a central role in both public and private cloud computing systems. How well does vSphere 4 address the key worries that enterprises have about cloud computing?

Cloud computing: 11 players to watch

Despite security concerns and and a lack of service level agreements, IT shops are tapping into cloud computing for targeted projects. Forrester Research lists the significant suppliers, from Akamai to XCalibre

10 virtualization vendors to watch in 2008

Now that you're knee-deep in virtualization, what products will help you manage and secure it? These 10 virtualization vendors should be on your radar screen. And, Canada's own Platform Computing is part of that list.

Saving on telecom: The Three-Step Program

Family Dollar grew as a business by 20 per cent, but managed to keep the proportion of telecom expense flat. Here's how

Bogged down in email attachments The story of one CIOs escape

E-mail was supposed to lessen workloads, but if anything it would seem to be adding to them. Anyone who's been away from their office for only a few days knows only too well what will greet them upon their return - a virtual mountain of e-mail. And e-mail attachments have become a staccato series of shooting pains for many a CIO. Today's attachments keep getting bigger, with no end in sight.

Cutting cell phone costs

Are your company's wireless expenses starting to look as large as Martha Stewart's legal bills? You may consider an option for slimming down wireless...

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