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New e-mail monitoring laws drafted

After years of debate, industrial disputes and legal wrangling, legislation is finally being introduced to cover e-mail monitoring in the workplace.

Australia’s CIOs wait out job slowdown

Headhunting in Australia's senior IT professional ranks is little seen compared to the raging 90s with chief information officers (CIOs) and IT execs 'staying put' in their current positions. Job openings in these fields are now extremely rare, according to a new survey.

Heavy hitters give ‘smart’ tech a go

Faced with "doing more with less", many Australian organizations are investing millions of dollars in business intelligence (BI) technology to a gain competitive advantage.

Use vision to keep IT’s best and brightest

In a market where competition for highly skilled IT professionals is intense, companies need cutting-edge strategies to attract and retain staff, according to Simon Hayward, U.S.-based vice president and research director of Gartner Inc.

IP-VPNs proving the cheap alternative

Internet Protocol-based Virtual Private Networks (IP-VPN) implementations are set to snowball with IT professionals claiming they have immediate return on investment (RoI) potential to meet increasing demand for more efficient networks.

Secure data centre opens in Sydney’s IT precinct

An e-warehouse, promising secure data storage, was opened yesterday in inner Sydney's well "connected" suburb of Ultimo.

Microsoft offers Australian government IT blueprint

Microsoft Corp. Australia's managing director Paul Houghton is meeting with political leaders in Canberra on Wednesday to present the vendor's blueprint for a renewed focus on strengthening and revitalizing the local IT sector.

Keep morale high to retain talented staff

With the IT industry undergoing serious staff cuts as a result of the economic downturn, companies can use morale-boosting approaches to enhance staff loyalty.

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