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WAFS may offer WAN relief for data centres

If you are a large enterprise customer with many sites or with many data centres sending large amounts of data over the WAN, you need to learn about WAFS. WAFS, or Wide Area Files Services, is a relatively new technology for an old concept. The goal of WAFS is to make file services and links across the wide area more efficient.

Wireless in one heck of a mesh

For over 10 years, enterprise networks have been taking advantage of wireless LANs in one form or another. Most WLANs in enterprise networks are based on access points that connect directly to the wired network. Recently, the concept of wireless switching for WLANs has made them more useful for large-scale enterprise wireless implementations.

Canadian enterprises must prepare for tighter compliance

Most Canadian enterprises are familiar with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which sets new standards for corporate governance and financial reporting, but an equivalent Canadian bill is getting less attention.

Businesses need to move forward on network authentication

Authenticating users and devices on the enterprise network, also known as network access control, is a critical step in any effective security scheme. Given its importance it would be natural to believe vendors would make authentication relatively easy to implement. Unfortunately that

Enterprise market in dire need of stronger challenger

In November, The Gores Group and Tennenbaum Capital Partners agreed to acquire Enterasys Networks for US$386 million, making Enterasys a private company. This is the latest chapter in the saga of a one-time networking powerhouse and it demonstrates the maturing of the enterprise networking industry.

Still many disparities before all the RFID dots are joined

Many manufacturers and retailers believe radio frequency identification (RFID) technology will help them better track their inventory, allowing companies to move to just-in-time production, which will reduce costs. There

Network security shouldn

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Cellular networks nudge nearer to marriage with Wi-Fi

A driving vacation is a great escape during the summer months. In the past, my going on this kind of vacation meant being out of touch, unless I called in from whichever hotel I was staying at for the night. With the expansion of wireless cellular services to more areas, keeping in touch has become easier, but by no means a sure thing.

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