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Wi-Fi device roundup

A travel router for when you're on the go and a wireless camera for monitoring home or office take advantage of 802.11n

Vacation, all we ever wanted

In a recent study by, workers reported that they are not taking vacations -- and if they are, they're taking work with them

Home and office holiday gift ideas

The gifts on the following pages all have one thing in common -- they rocked during our tryouts SLIDE SHOW AVAILABLE

Hottest gadgets for summertime fun

Summer's here, and the time is right, for checking out the latest and greatest gadgets for outdoor enjoyment, fun, or productivity. Sit back, grab a cold one and view our choices for the best new tools for the summer season.

Five geeky vacation locales

Let's face it: sometimes camping in the woods or hitting the beach just isn't your thing. Most of us got into the technology business because we love doing geeky things. Have no fear, we're here with five great ideas on places you can go this summer to satisfy the inner (or outer) geek that resides within us all.

Tech gifts – Five lessons about what’s hot and what’s not

After reviewing more than 100 products for this year's guide, we've spotted some trends for the 2006 holiday season. Take a gander at five lessons learned.

Cool tools

Broadband adoption by home users fueled the most interesting product innovation at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Bluetooth experience still needs tinkering

This year saw the long-awaited appearance of Bluetooth products, including access points, printer adapters, PC cards and hands-free wireless headsets.

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