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Twelve answers to your green IT questions

Are you ready to get with the environmental IT movement? Here are the answers to 12 fundamental questions around green IT.

Security industry warms up to climate change issues

A report authored by 11 retired military generals emphasizes the importance of integrating the consequences of climate change into national defense strategies

Book review: The art of competition

One of the biggest challenges managers face is figuring out what the competition is up to, according to Leonard Fuld, a consultant on competitive intelligence. In his new book, The Secret Language of Competitive Intelligence, Fuld explains how to analyze information about the competition to obtain insight and advantage over rivals.

Deconstructing team dynamics

Teams perform better when they share similar ideas about how to get things done, according to research from the University of Pennsylvania

Big company IT on a mid-market budget

IT departments in mid-market companies provide many of the same services as those in large enterprises, but without access to the same resources. In a recent series of reports about IT management in small and mid-market businesses, Gartner suggests that CIOs in these companies can overcome limitations such as smaller staffs and smaller budgets through methods such as recruiting versatile employees, outsourcing, providing staff with training and other

Book Review: Understanding the numbers game

Creating corporate financial statements is an art, and it’s one that every manager (or anyone who aspires to be one) should be able to...

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