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Dell’s Ubuntu laptop beta gets rave reviews

Response to the company's developer-focused 'Project Sputnik' has been overwhelming, it says.

Skype for Linux 4.0 officially hits the streets

With so many alternatives, how many Linux users will embrace the Microsoft-owned VoIP software?

Open source is driving business app dev: survey

While usage is on the rise, many companies lack key internal controls and processes, software firm Sonatype warns

Ubuntu Linux 12.04 ‘Precise Pangolin’ is here at last

With five years of built-in support, this free new OS aims to offer a compelling Windows 8 alternative

Sabayon Linux 8 Debuts with a Dash of Cinnamon

The Linux Mint project's new desktop interface is now included in the Sabayon repositories, and so is the Razor-qt alternative

Linux Takes on a Bigger Role at This Year’s CES

From Ubuntu TV to Qooq for the kitchen, a gaggle of upcoming gadgets will be powered by Linux--and that's not even counting Android

12 Reasons to Try Linux Mint 12

Multiple desktop options set this new release apart, but the best part for many users may well be that the ironically divisive Unity isn't one of them

Speed boost is on the way to Firefox for Android

A new interface could reduce start-up times from several seconds to just fractions of a second on some phones, Mozilla says

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