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An offshore alternative

cMarket landed a big contract; it had to develop something quickly and on a tight budget. The firm needed to hire three programmers but rather than sending the work overseas, it posted the jobs in the U.S. for salaries comparable to those of offshore workers. Despite the lower wages, cMarket found no shortage of interest.

Networked at sea

The U.S. Navy wants an intranet; to ensure that the project sails smoothly, the Navy is soliciting help from private industry vendors to replace more than 1,000 local networks with a a single, secure intranet.

Now clear this

In the 2004 budget, President Bush has earmarked more than US$123 billion for R&D funding for technological...

Government knows all

The U.S. Department of Defense's proposed Total Information Awareness (TIA) project, a prototype program designed to mine information from commercial databases and personal e-mails to wage war on terrorism, has raised concerns among privacy advocates and technology experts.

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