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Windows 8: double-edged sword for Microsoft?

Microsoft could see both benefits and drawbacks from encouraging people to upgrade an existing PC to Windows 8

Google to discontinue Mini search appliance

It's the latest in a series of dropped products as the company continues to focus on its core businesses

Microsoft shares upgrade details for Windows 8

New OS assumed to be released by end of year

Cisco boosts VC system with collaboration features

Jabber IM to be expanded, while a high-end telepresence system with the ability to share content on the main telepresence screens will debutrn

Cisco aims to unify collaboration products’ design

Futurama isn't only a TV show. It's the network equipment maker's plan for making its collaboration products easier to work with each other

Google adds WebRTC to Chrome for in-browser UC

Developers can now build and maintain their apps using a few JavaScript APIs and have the browser do the heavy lifting, says company

Yahoo simplifies access to BOSS platform

Developers can now sign up online and start working on search applications in a matter of hours

IBM’s enterprise social collaboration apps for tablets

Recognizing the growing footprint of tablets in the enterprise, Big Blue opens up its collaboration tools

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