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Android Jelly Bean SDK released to public

Android offers some tips to developers on getting their applications to scale properly

Patent war unlikely to bring Androidocalypse

Samsung has lost a bid to stop two temporary injunctions against mobile devices in the U.S. What will the impact be on the Android world?

Canonical announces Ubuntu apps showdown

After a crash course in Canonical's Quickly development tool, participants will compete for techie prizes

Women must overcome the impostor syndrome

A Gmail engineer talks about how women in IT positions shouldn't succumb to negative thinking

A glimpse into the future of the Internet

Internet pioneers Tim Berners-Lee and David Clark share diverging visions of what the Net should become

Exinda targets branches with WAN appliances

Company releases two 1U-sized optimization units -- one of which starts at around US$3,000 -- that use its intelligent traffic-shaping technology

HP: New data centre technology easy on the grid

Laboratory tests suggest there's a way to increase workloads without increasing power demand, says the equipment maker

Open-source messaging at (nearly) the speed of light

A research agency turned to an open source solution when it needed to process 190 million messages a day

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