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Twitter tweaks privacy policy, adds custom digests

Company now supports Do Not Track features in a number of browsers including Firefox, IE, Safari and Chrome

Opinion: FCC’s Google Wi-Fi decision a bad precedent

'Decision is a reminder to anyone with a Wi-Fi network to at least secure it with a password before they start using it'rn

Five high-tech items that will cost more in 2012

Watch out: Cameras, hard drives, PCs, and mobile data will all cost more in 2012

Despite doomsayers, CES 2012 sets new records

Obits for the big trade show appear to be premature

Black Friday sales crown Kindle Fire a bestseller

For the last eight weeks, the number one selling product at the world's largest retailer has been the Kindle Fire

U.S. Congress Targets Amazon’s Silk Browser

Privacy concerns are raised about the tablet browser that routes and stores personal data in Amazon's cloud

‘Hollywood Hacker’ Collared by FBI

The FBI says it has arrested a man who it claims is responsible for hacking into actress Scarlett Johansson's e-mail account

Windows administrator – a hot job

As so many businesses run Microsoft software on their networks, the Windows administrator's role is key to keeping a company's operations running smoothly. In fact, some career experts say the evolution of IT's business role makes this job a possible career path to CIO.

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