Monday, August 15, 2022

John Baldoni


Be of good cheer

Those in leadership positions need to cheerlead their organizations. Cheerleading is enthusiasm channeled toward a cause. Work can be hard and, yes, boring at times. Someone with a fresh take on the work, backed by conviction and passion, can energize people and impart a jolt of energy.

See-through management

An organization that strives for transparency does more than say there is nothing to hide. It is far more open and positive than that. It says we are proud of the way we conduct our business, treat our employees, deal with our customers and enrich our shareholders.

See-through management

While transparency is often touted as an organizationwide effort, it will never take hold unless employees and managers embrace it. Communication is an operative driver of transparency. Here are some ways to ensure it takes hold in the workplace.

Let your people know

I have seldom met a manager who did not think he or she was a fine communicator. And fine communicators they may have been, but to whom they were communicating (their spouse, their pets, their imaginary friends) was a mystery because it sure was not to people who worked for them.

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