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Cloud Computing Customers’ Bill of Rights

The Information Law Group has drafted a Cloud Computing Customers' Bill of Rights which is supposed to help avoid some of the problems involved...

Computerworld Canada Salary Calculator 2010

Check out Computerworld Canada's 2010 Salary Calculator. Access up-to-date information from our 2010 IT Salary Survey, including salaries, cash bonuses, and percentage increases over 2009. Click...

Video: Gen Y workers: We know all about this IT stuff

Online tools? They already downloaded them. Mobile devices? They bring their own. An IT World Canada/Harris Decima report examines what technology proficiency really...

Saskatchewan offers jobs and tax breaks lure Ontario IT workers

Saskatchewan is offering lots of jobs, and even some lucrative tax breaks, as an incentive to move out west. With the recession seeing...

Do you like hockey?


Is the IFRS to GAAP conversion goign to help or hinder your business.

Obviously short and long term will have very different impacts but I am curious to see peoples opinions of the conversion process and it's...

Computerworld Activity Test

does this show up on the Computerworld page as activity...?

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