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Are tablets really killing netbooks?

In the long term netbooks will likely hold their own in an increasingly fragmented mobile device market, particularly when they get faster processors rn

Cybercrime is rampant: Symantec study

Internet crime is a big problem globally, according to a survey done in 14 nations by security vendor Symantec Corp.

Businesses failing at social networking: study

Most consumers want to reach companies via social networks, but few businesses are ready for it, according to a new Yankee Group survey. Why social media is a golden opportunity

Windows 7 tablets: Just say no, Microsoft

OPINION: Find out why the Redmond, Wash., giant's desktop OS is a bad fit for today's touchscreen tablets

Why Apple bought Quebec mapping firm Poly9

OPINION: A report suggests that, with Poly9, Apple plans to develop its own in-house mapping software for its popular mobile devices. Why did Apple do it and what does Poly9 do

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