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Put your IT eggs in different baskets

The terrorist attacks on the U.S. last September fundamentally changed the way some IT managers think about disaster recovery.

Outsourcing VPNs: Privacy for hire

George Gaulda decided he needed to build a virtual private network to tie the far-flung parts of his company together. Trouble was, he lacked the staff to design and manage the system in-house.

New Lucent CEO to keep strategy intact

After a 15-month search for a new CEO, Lucent Technologies Inc. last week brought back a former high-level executive who isn't expected to make major strategic changes at the struggling company.

Cisco’s going back to basics

Kicking off Cisco Systems Inc.'s analyst conference, president and CEO John Chambers characterized the past year as a humbling experience.

Cisco Bolsters Network Security Offerings

Cisco Systems announced a small-office firewall, upgrades to its intrusion-detection software and a router module designed to help virtual private networks scale by 60 per cent.

New technology claims network traffic reductions

Peribit Networks Inc. in Santa Clara, Calif., introduced yesterday a new technology that some users and analysts said is a breakthrough that could solve congestion problems across wide-area networks (WAN).

Roto-Rooter Uses Packet Shaping To Unclog Nets

Clogged pipes on WANs are prompting some companies to turn to packet shaping to clear a path for priority traffic instead of adding bigger network pipes.

Cisco device aids shift from Web to wireless

Cisco Systems Inc. has announced a new network hardware device called CTE 1400, which will transform Web-based information normally accessed through a browser into data that can be displayed on a wide variety of wireless devices, according to the company.

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