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2018 federal budget stifles tech industry growth, CATA says

The federal government's 2018 budget takes some admirable steps toward securing Canada from cyber criminals, but is otherwise a fiscally irresponsible, red-tape happy document...

A Look at SR&ED in 2018 and beyond

By Brian Cookson Some background and context The SR&ED tax credit program has been in existence since 1985. The Budget Papers published in 1985 stated that...

Ottawa-area consultant pays ransomware with bitcoin – and actually gets his files back

A security advisors recounts the tale of a ransomware attack on a small Ottawa consulting business and the path he reluctantly took to resolve the issue.

How an ordinary threat toppled an extraordinary security program

As one of three main credit reporting agencies in the United States, Equifax is responsible for storing an enormous amount of highly sensitive personal...

Why some companies are being plagued by the same botnets

A simple link is sent via an email address that appears valid. A pop up comes up on a site regularly visited advising it’s time...

Check out the improved Map of the Internet by Cogeco Peer 1

Have you ever wondered what exactly human use of the Internet looks like? With its Map of the Internet app, Cogeco Peer 1 can provide users with a tangible, 3D visualization of the world's networks and how they connect to one another.

Firefox gets a ‘Quantum’ rebrand, biggest overhaul since 2004

Mozilla's Firefox browser is getting its biggest overhaul since 2004. Dubbed 'Firefox Quantum', the Firefox 57 update brings an entire visual redesign and huge performance improvements.

IT World Canada Cup Pond Hockey Tournament Promo

Do you have what it takes to dominate the IT World? How about the ice? This is your chance to prove both and participate in one of the largest Pond Hockey events on the planet in a division created for the Tech World.

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