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Why Hackers Set Their Sights on Small Businesses

New security report reveals that 97 percent of all breaches were avoidable. Here are some tips to keep your business out of trouble

Mediation Resolves Y2K Lawsuit

No one is really sure what the effects of the millennium bug might be. But lots of people are pretty sure they're going to be sued. The feeling is that Y2K is a full-employment act - for programmers before the turn of the century and for lawyers afterward. Given that scenario, it's downright comforting to hear of two companies that have settled their Y2K dispute out of court through mediation.


The Next Common Sense: Mastering Corporate Complexity Through CoherenceBy Michael Lissack and Johan RoosNicholas Brealey Publishing, 1999

In the NFL, the Games Must Go On

Most CIOs will dodge a bullet in the new millennium, since the first two days of 2000 fall on a weekend. But some entities still work weekends

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