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Canberra’s RTA drives US$4.4M system overhaul

Two years in the making, rego.act, Canberra's A$6 million (US$4.4 million) vehicle registration and driver licensing project, scales to 600 concurrent users and gives the public 24x7 access to the Australian Capital Territory's (ACT) Road Transport Authority's (RTA) business transaction processing.

Gartner: Australian vendors face job obliteration

A massive wave of IT redundancies will hit Australian shores in the next few years with local vendor-based jobs moving to offshore outsourcing markets on a "substantial" scale, a senior Gartner Inc. researcher has warned.

Russia to vie with India as outsourcer

Russia is poised to be a major player in the offshore outsourcing market with hourly contractor rates around 40 per cent lower than the market leader India.

Surviving burn and churn: Don’t sweat the small stuff

Australian IT professionals and enterprises are short-changing themselves on strategic vision limiting their career and profit prospects, effectiveness and strategic focus. Swamped by a sea of day-to-day operations, today's IT staff need to learn to keep their heads above water and appreciate their enterprise's big picture - or sink.

CRM projects need a long-term view

Short-term focus on CRM (customer relationship management) initiatives leaves financial institutions struggling to achieve top and bottom-line growth through such projects, according to a market analyst.

CIOs focus on short-term projects

Experimenting with new technologies is not for the current tough economic climate, according to a survey of chief information officers who remain "guarded" about purchasing plans for the year.

Gartner: Application integration, legacy problem

Application integration will be the number one priority for IT managers seeking a competitive e-business advantage over the next five years, according to market analysts Gartner Group.

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