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Skills primary reason for offshoring

Call centre operators mulling to move their operations offshore consider skills proficiency over plain cost savings when choosing a location, a recent study revealed. A survey of 166 contact centres entitled the Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report 2005 shows that about 50 per cent of the respondents cite

Philippines to push against government software piracy

The Philippines' Commission on Information and Communication Technology (CICT) is intensifying its drive to reduce the use of unlicensed software in national government agencies (NGAs).

executive director, Cebu Educational Development Foundation for Information Technology (Cedf-it)

While academic organizations in Manila are busy promoting their respective programs and initiatives, a budding group of educators, information technology vendors, and non-government organizations based in Cebu are silently toiling to bring their city into the centre of the global ICT stage.

Piracy threatens budding Filipino software company

Anino Entertainment is a small, Filipino software development company engaged in developing games for personal computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and mobile phones. The 10-man team comprising Anino has toiled for more than two years to produce its first PC game offering, Anito, the first and only all-Filipino PC game to date. Exactly a year after its launching, Anito

Wi-Fi gaining foothold in the Philippines

Less than two years after its commercial rollout, wireless fidelity, or Wi-Fi, has already made a

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