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Trust me, it

Get ready for another tough year. That seems to be the message when you ask npeople to make predictions about the next 12 months.

Crawling from the wreckage: learning the lessons of 2002

Forget 2002 at your peril. For many, the past year will be one they wouldnbe more than happy to forget. To do so, however, would be to lose a majornopportunity to learn a few good life lessons.

Wireless industry faces big hurdles

For several years now, dealers and solution providers have been pushed to create and sell solutions aimed at the mobile user. But the adoption rate that analysts predicted never panned out. If the IDC, Forrester and Jupiter research reports of 1999 and early 2000 were to be believed, we should all be living in a corporate wireless nirvana by now. That hasn't happened.

Success of HPQ hinges on vision

With the final approval of HP's merger with Compaq, the industry isnsettling in for a period of watching and waiting as HPQ emerges.

Industry history helps success

When I saw the recent story about IBM drastically cutting back on the number of retail outlets it will support in Canada

Finding opportunities in hard times

Whenever times are tough, you start to hear people talking about how adversity creates opportunity

IT industry at least partly to blame for piracy problem

You have to wonder. There have been floods of reports over the past year about the dizzying spread of pirated software on the Web

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