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4 questions to ask when planning for enterprise 5G

By Bill Menezes Canada recently announced its plans to make more 5G spectrum available in 2020, so now is the...

August 19th, 2019 Gartner

Canadian CIOs: Use IT to transform the business

By Chris Howard Nearly half of Canadian CIOs are playing an active role in defining new business models for their...

July 3rd, 2019 Gartner

How to modernize data privacy to put the personal back into personalization

By Penny Gillespie, Vice President, Analyst, Gartner Inc. If you were asked to hand over your email address in return...

May 8th, 2019 Gartner

How to get AI right and keep it that way

By Alan Duncan, Gartner, Inc. Given the pervasive nature of artificial intelligence (AI), the consequences of getting AI right or...

April 12th, 2019 Gartner
a team working together

How to fight digital transformation fatigue

By Mary Mesaglio, Gartner Inc. Transform, Transform, Transform. This steady message to focus on digital transformation is important, but the...

March 14th, 2019 Gartner
Cloud Data Centre

Exploring cloud data management cost reductions

By Adam Ronthal The main motivations for moving data management to the cloud have always been cost savings and operational...

February 27th, 2019 Gartner

Planning for a successful AI journey

By Jamie Popkin, Gartner, Inc. Today cars are the norm, but it took decades for the automobile to develop from an...

January 16th, 2019 Gartner

Prepare for the key driving forces that will impact smart mobility

By Carsten Isert, Gartner Inc.  Once considered an outlandish idea, self-driving cars — and other smart mobility services — are...

December 3rd, 2018 Gartner

Circumventing the cyber security skills shortage

By Tom Scholtz, Gartner Inc. Increasing cyber security threats mean most security and risk management leaders are growing their IT...

November 1st, 2018 Gartner
Crowd of visitors at CES 2018

Personalize, customize and crowdsource to stay ahead of industry disruptors

By Michelle Duerst Netflix has long been known to use algorithms to predict what you may want to watch based on...

September 29th, 2018 Gartner