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Corporate venturing on the edge

With little surprise, large enterprise investment in new technologies and IT startups took a hit in the past year. Some innovations

Customers to charge for giving out personal data?

Customer Care is the key to the future for enterprises, and if security and privacy issues are not successfully resolved, customers will begin charging for the information that they hand out freely now, said a high technology futurist at the CIO Forum, an IT strategy conference sponsored by Richmond Events.

Giving voice to far-flung transactions

Voice-enabling technologies promise to solve a slew of problems for enterprises. The new developments will literally give...

Product design capabilities come to exchanges

In a step toward fulfilling the dream of build-to-order via the Web, PTC (formerly Parametric Technology) is...

Streamlined payment system readied

Credit card giant MasterCard International and TradeCard, an online international trade payment services provider, are combining forces...

Tibco releases tool for process re-automation

Taking direct aim at Vitria Technology Inc., Tibco Software has unveiled the TIB/IntegrationManager, a business process automation...

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