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Green IT: Train staff to think About sustainability

IT staff may soon need to have technical expertise such as measuring data centre energy use, as well as be strategic thinkers who understand how global energy and climate trends affect their business

Opinion The Langley Files

CIA metadata repository knowledge management system may lower internal error

The trouble with little Timmy

Family pictures are the most common type of personal file stored by employees on corporate networks, followed by digital music, movies, and video clips and games, according to a survey by technology reseller CDW of its corporate customers.

The new lords of e-biz

Corporate e-business teams with their own IT budgets have all but evaporated, but the CIO's responsibility for developing online sales and supplier channels is still evolving. What you do now to define yourself as an e-business tactician, strategist and gatekeeper will determine your role as a decision-maker for future e-commerce investments.

IT governance models linked to business objectives

The best IT governance models are those that are closely linked to corporate business objectives, according to Peter Weill, director of the Center for Information Systems Research at MIT.

Feature: How to take control of your website

In the early days of the Web companies rushed to stake their claim in online territory, launching about 200 websites, each with its own infrastructure and applications. Now the Internet land rush is over, and companies are civilizing their online frontiers by consolidating.

Public and Private Exchanges

CIOs have a choice: they can build and operate their own Web-based exchange to conduct trades with suppliers and customers, or they can join a public exchange owned by a third party.

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