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Creating Organizations for Managing Identity

IT management is finding that decisions about infrastructure for authentication, authorization, user provisioning, and other identity-related concerns are driving fundamental changes in the organizations that plan, build, and run the infrastructure.

Web Services Security: Old Needs, New Risks

Web services demand renewed focus on the way application-level security concerns are addressed, combining traditional forms of authentication and authorization access with new approaches to ensuring transport integrity and securing exposed processes.

The Web finds a voice with flavour: VoiceXML and SALT

Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) and VoiceXML represent two approaches from different directions to developing voice-enabled Web applications. Research from the META Group Inc. suggests that although SALT addresses capabilities lacking in VoiceXML, it is the forum of introduction that generates unnecessary user confusion and delay in providing next-generation development environments.

Active Directory design: Best-practice principles

Microsoft Active Directory is a critical infrastructure component for delivering enterprise identity and security-related services. Successful implementations require a focused approach for design and consistent application of basic best-practice principles, according to META Group.

Application networkability: New environments, new challenges

Application networkability assessments are becoming more important than ever. Rules for delivering applications are fundamentally changing, requiring modifications to existing infrastructure due to increased performance and security requirements, according to META Group.

Active Directory deployments: Lessons learned

Microsoft Active Directory deployments have not occurred at the pace anticipated by either Microsoft or enterprise users. Nevertheless, the deployments are beginning to have significant impact on enterprise strategies for applications access and identity management, according to META Group.

Authentication and all that jazz

Identity infrastructures and authentication services are beginning to evolve at several levels in response to renewed security concerns and expanded business requirements. As a result, the responsibilities of infrastructure caretakers will change and expand, predicts the META Group.

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