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How business orientation shapes IT governance

Enterprises vary in how they compete and how they are organized. Their business governance gives the context for IT governance It's been nine...

Winds of change: Evolution vs. revolution

Revolution is when you jump to the next generation. Cut-over takes place quickly and on a large scale: the entire entity is transformed. Evolution is when you take incremental steps to the next generation over a longer period.

Risky business for CIOs

CIOs have learned to handle business continuity, information security, and project management. Many have learned to continually raise the bar on their performance in managing these risks, improving success rates for IT projects, managing outsourcer relationships with increasing skill, and bringing business managers into the business-continuity planning process.

Keys to effective security

Security is a process, not a state. CIOs need to ensure that their enterprise has the right...

Understanding IT Governance

IT governance is a hot topic, though no one seems to be sure exactly what it is or how to explain it. While there is considerable conjecture about what constitutes good governance and how to depict it, most is based on anecdotal evidence.

Stakeholders Matter

Managing the growing number and diversity of IS stakeholders is a demanding leadership challenge for CIOs. IS stakeholders now include business units, business partners, users, consumers, IS staff and external agencies, such as regulators, and more

Leading High-performance IS Teams

The CIO role is demanding, unforgiving and highly visible. It combines visionary thinking with operational efficiency and effective resource management.

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