Thursday, August 11, 2022

Digit staff


Opteron trails Woodcrest, study says

AMD launched its Opteron line of processors for workstations and servers Tuesday, but Digit's tests show that the dual-processor model is still significantly less powerful than Intel's latest rival Xeon chip.


Darwin Dimensions has announced a series of products that automate the creation of 3D character models. The evolver family of software creates unique 3D character models for games, film, TV, multimedia, and a variety of other uses, according to the company.

SIGGRAPH: Modo 3D modeller ‘to become full suite’

Luxology has used the launch of modo 201, the second major release of the 3D modelling application, to announce that the company intends to turn the software into a full 3D suite by the end of next year. It unveiled its roadmap for the next few years at the Siggraph show in Los Angeles.

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