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New Zealand sees demand for SharePoint specialists

A third-quarter staffing study shows some skills in short supply, including those related to project management and storage area networking

IT hiring in New Zealand remains strong

Employer hiring sentiment is up 26.4 percentage points, demonstrating the difference in sentiment between now and the recession-affected, candidate-rich market of two years ago

Non-compete clauses common in IT

Restraint of trade is called non-compete, and two recent cases involving EMC and IBM illustrate the seriousness with which employees jumping ship to competitors is regarded

Telecom New Zealand CEO to step down

Telecom New Zealand Ltd. CEO Theresa Gattung is to resign, effective June 30. The move, confirming speculation over the past couple of days that she would step down, was announced Friday morning.

NZ software house taking R&D to US, Australia

New Zealand billing software maker Peace Software is moving part of its local research and development operation to Australia and the U.S. and Peace R&D vice president Tony Engberg says there's keen interest among Peace's 100 New Zealand staff in moving offshore to work at the planned new R&D centres.

New Zealand antispam product goes open source

Firetrust Ltd. chief executive Nick Bolton says the company has launched its MailWasher Server antispam filter as an open source product because the antispam market is becoming commoditised and Firetrust "spent too long developing it, to get it the way we wanted."

Canadian boards lack IT interest

Boards of directors in Canadian companies don't know enough about IT and don't take enough interest in it. That's the upshot of a...

NZ ICT industry in doldrums: IDC

The ICT market in New Zealand is stagnating and needs reinvigoration.

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