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Catena offers line-card replacement

The folks at DSL equipment start-up Catena Networks Inc. all carry the company slogan,

Even the U.S. government is having building access problems

The vexing problem of access by multiple carriers to multi-tenant office buildings is the telecom regulatory issue that won't die. Now the plot is thickening: The U.S. federal government itself turns out to have a vested interest in the issue

Avoiding the convergence distraction

I've always been amused by the ability of marketing executives for telecom-oriented vendors to promote benefits that only appeal to people exactly like themselves, or even to nobody at all.

Startup pushes IP services scalability

Convinced that large carriers are waiting for even more IP service-creation scalability than offered by recent startups, a new company recently announced a service switch supporting up to six million simultaneous users.

Optical backbones need access aggregation

Moving to secure a place in larger carriers' optical metro and long-haul networks, access aggregation vendor Advanced Switching Communications Inc. has introduced a new high-speed card along with new flexibility for its frame relay user interfaces.

One wonders if

Have you ever noticed how almost every carrier calls itself "facilities-based"?

DSL without breaking your backbone

Many local exchange carriers, from giant Bells to small-town independent telcos, are coming under pressure to do something about their remote neighborhood terminals that extend ordinary voice lines but block DSL signals.

AT&T could do itself a favour by enrolling in Spinoffs and Breakups 101

Quick: What's the point of spinning off a business unit into a separate company?

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