Dave O'Leary

Dave is a founding managing partner of REDDS Venture Investment Partners (www.reddsvip.com). His career in post-secondary education included roles as CIO, Vice-President and acting President. Dave is a member of the Practitioner Board of the Association for Computing Machinery. He chairs the ACM Practitioner Board Marketing Committee and is also a second term member of the Board's Professional Development Committee. (ACM - Association for Computing Machinery--official IFIP international member representative, largest and most respected international computing science, research, education, innovation professional association well known for their AM Turing Award (Nobel of computing) with 1 million USD prize, 1.5 millions user digital library, 2 million reach, learning center, Applicative conference, Queue magazine, 200 conferences/events, 78 publications/news, 37 Special Interest Groups). He is a board director of the Global Industry Council and the immediate Past President of the Canadian Information Processing Society of British Columbia. Dave is co-founder and director of an ISV computer technology business and is currently leading and advising start ups in the USA, China, Europe, and Canada. He serves as a task force member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and is the past chair of the Canadian National Council of Deans of Information and Communications Technology. He served two terms as a director of the Canadian National Information and Communications Technology Sector Council advising on National technology and economic strategy. Dave has appeared as a panel member in a number of Microsoft webcasts and has presented globally on the business and technical impacts of technology in training. He is the recipient (2002) of the highest national award for leadership in post-secondary education.

Articles by Dave O'Leary

Enterprise social media: the end of email?

With over 97 per cent of enterprises currently implementing some form of Enterprise Social Media, are the days of receiving “reply all” emails and refereeing emails that “were not meant to be insulting” numbered?

CES 2016 impacting the enterprise

Keeping up with the next big thing is critical to everyone. One way to keep up is through CES -- where innovative and disruptive technology is on display.

Under the ICT mushroom cloud

The United Nations was created in the face of a terrible weapon in the atomic bomb; does cyber-terrorism bear a similar response from the UN in the modern era?

Create an innovation colony within your company or die trying

What have you done to create that internal environment and ensure you don’t let your company fail? Learn from an innovator out of Lockheed Martin the value of disrupting your own corporate machinery.

Get ready for the digital quake of ICT megatrend driven disruption

At the 23rd IFIP World Computer Congress held in Daejeon, South Korea delegates were warned of an impending Digital Quake driven by disruptive mega trends.

Just how big is big data?

So just how big is the big data market? There are differing measurements but all analysts sizing this market have it growing quickly and at a rate faster than other IT related market sectors.

Don’t let your company fail: The growing case for corporate entrepreneurship

Established companies need to embrace their startup roots to remain successful and their IT leaders can show the way

Beware of the virtual extreme

Online collaboration saves time and money, but not all the time

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