Claudiu Popa

Claudiu Popa is a security and privacy advisor to Canadian enterprises, associations and agencies. He is an author, speaker and lecturer.

Articles by Claudiu Popa

Yahoo’s colossal security failures: Top 7 hilariously incompetent responses

Are Yahoo’s perennial foibles evidence of gross negligence, stupendous incompetence or sheer malice? This blog explores the top 7 blunders the company has made in light of its recent ethical breach.

Should Verizon get a discount on Yahoo?

Verizon now wants to slash the price of its offer for Yahoo by US$1 billion after a huge breach was discovered. A writer wonders if it's a bluff

Canada needs a data breach notification system, and fast

Ottawa is about to make it mandatory for many organizations to notify people if personal data is exposed by an attack. Here's a list of what to do

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