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To gain government contacts, IT vendors urged to go green

ICT suppliers will soon have to meet sustainability standards if they want to sell products or services to the government and the wider public sector. If businesses don't make the grade, they may not win government business.

New Zealand customers welcome Compaq gains

Compaq Computer Corp.'s early local wins in the merger melee with Hewlett-Packard Co. Ltd. are being welcomed by customers and resellers.

Software to get consumer protection in New Zealand

Buyers of software, telecommunications, electricity and other services in New Zealand should see their consumer rights safeguarded by mid-2002.

Call-centre staff warned of ‘acoustic shock’

Thousands of New Zealand call-centre workers are potentially at risk from a new injury sweeping across the U.K. call center industry, "acoustic shock".

Recruiting’s harsh reality as talent grows short

Recruitment consultants don't exist to find jobs for job seekers, but to find workers for the companies that are paying their commissions, say disgruntled job seekers.

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