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Japanese porn industry embraces Blu-ray Disc

The HD DVD high-definition movie format may have the lead in the U.S. porn industry, but Japanese adult film makers have turned decisively to Blu-ray Disc, breathing new life into its bid to replace DVDs as the disc of choice for home movies.

Microsoft’s Allchin sought salvation from Window’s Media Player

A senior Microsoft Corp. executive was so frustrated by his experience with digital music players made by Microsoft's partners that he proposed turning to Apple Inc.'s iPod for salvation, documents made public as part of an Iowa antitrust case reveal.

Sony says no to porn on Blu-ray Disc

Sony Corp. said it will not work with the adult film industry to help put their movies on its Blu-ray Disc format, although it will not try to stop them completely.

Xbox 360 no game for Microsoft, researchers say

Despite promises from Microsoft Corp. executives that the retail price of the new Xbox 360 game console would cover production costs, product tear downs by two different market researchers suggest that the company is losing money on the machines.

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