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Career watch – April 12, 2004

An interview with the CIO of Mercy Ships, plus a look at the IT security job market.

Career Watch – April 1, 2004

A roundup of news and notes about outsourcing's impact on IT jobs.

Career watch – Feb. 23, 2004

Taller workers tend to earn more than their vertically challenged counterparts, according to a study from the University of Florida.

What it says is not what it means

It's 1985, and this computer room has a big, red panic button next to the door

Four IT lieutenants needed

Most IT management staffs "are a kludge of unstructured hirings, promotions and compromises," said Jonathan Poe, an analyst at Meta Group Inc. Therefore, new CIOs who want to succeed past their honeymoon period will need to clean up the mess and install a team of talented IT lieutenants to handle certain tasks, such as personnel matters, so the CIO can focus on IT/business alignment.

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