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Keys to retention

To increase employee retention, more business leaders should challenge their subordinates and then leave them alone to do their jobs. And if businesspeople have confidence in their leaders (and are well compensated) they also will be more likely to stay

The paperless office

The paperless office hasn't happened, but there is at least some progress. The majority of companies have decreased the amount of paper-based information in...

Workload’s disconnect with pay

The majority of executives and managers nationwide have seen the amount of work they do, the number of hours they work and their responsibilities increase significantly compared to two years ago. But during that same time period, only 10 per cent have seen their total compensation increase significantly, according to a survey of senior executives and managers by NFI Research.

Recharging the workplace

Recharging the workplace involves remotivating everyone from top executives and managers to the workers, many of whom are the face of the company to the customer.

What your age says about you

It's no secret that many in business behave differently at different stages of their careers.

Helping the boss

Unlike managers and employees, chief executive officers have fewer career options. Once a person is CEO, he or she can later become CEO of a larger company, a smaller company, a better company, a different company, but chances are the job title is still going to be CEO.

Shorting the organization

There's a conflict between the perceived timeframes in which managers work and the timeframes in which organizations work.

Self-preservation vs. the bad news

A large company for which I once worked had a very intelligent and dynamic chief executive who was charged with turning around a staid organization in a relatively short period of time.

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