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Breaking free of the chains that bind

Lotus Development Corp. recently announced the release of a product to help deskless, roaming workers who are constantly on the move.

Mitel hits the books

Ottawa-based telephony network software and hardware developer works with St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ont.


Dell Computer Corp. announced today that it will enter the networking fray, but only south of the border.

Web site crunches numbers for business benefit

Armed with information pulled from 11 million surfers, officials behind a new Web site say they can crunch the numbers and rank the performance of the five most popular Web pages.

Federal R&D tax incentive system earns mixed grades

The CATA Alliance, a collection high-tech industry firms and entrepreneurs, recently released its second report card which rates the consistency and performance of CCRA

Novell outlines its product, services future

Novell Inc. outlined its strategy Wednesday to capitalize on its merger with consulting company Cambridge Technology Partners Inc. and become a key provider of both products and services to large businesses.

Conceding himself technology


Squeezing into a hardwood desk, breathing that hot, stuffy air tainted with just a hint of multi-coloured chalk

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