Cathy Koslowski

Cathy Koslowski is an experienced global mobility professional who has worked in all aspects of global mobility. She currently serves as Equus Software’s VP of Solutions Consulting. Prior to joining Equus, Cathy spent 15 years at a Big 4 in the US, UK and Belgium in client service, mobility technology and as a chief of staff working on strategic projects. She’s managed transformative programs in both the technology and engineering industries. Cathy is recognized in the market as an industry speaker and a strategic problem solver working across all organizational levels, cultures, countries, and service lines to gain consensus on effective and efficient practices.

Articles by Cathy Koslowski

Digital transformation’s impact on workplace operations and mobility

With various digital transformations changing how employees communicate, where they live, and how they can work globally, there are risks that they will lose some level of human connection with their coworkers and employers.

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