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What you need to know about joining corporate boards

For many CIO's there probably no better source of professional growth and training than serving on external boards of directors. However, board of directorships are not always bonanzas for CIO's and their companies. Here's what you need to know before joining one

Upping the strategic ante

To become a true business partner, IT must shed its image of non-strategic service provider.

Four tips for making a document retention policy

The 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley regulations served as a wake-up call for CIOs to formalize document retention policies to meet compliance requirements. But regulatory demands-and the number of documents produced daily-continue to grow.

Forging ties: How to build solid relationships

The personal touch is one of those intangibles that can make or break your career. Don

Seizing the strategic opportunity

Is your organization ready for a strategic CIO? We have some guidance that will help you find out.

First impressions

The first days of a new job are nerve-wracking for anyone. But for CIOs, those first days and weeks are often seen as a test of their abilities as leaders

Drawing up a sound IT blueprint

Take off your CIO hat for a moment and imagine you

CIO Executive Council: Open for business

With increasing attention on the possibilities of open source, CIOs have many questions regarding its capabilities, viability and cost to the organization.

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