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Xerox brings affordability into living colour

It looks like Xerox Corp. has its summer sales signs up and they are screaming with colour.

Deconstructing 3G

The mobile world has come a long way from analogue days of yore. In those days, the ability to communicate wirelessly

MPLS faces management challenges

MPLS faces management challengesnA networking protocol that is just coming into its own promises improved quality of service through better bandwidth utilization, but system administrators are not off the hook when it comes to the management of this new infrastructure.

Planet Tivoli orbits predictive networking

Planet Tivoli orbits predictive networkingnWith a new GM and a new master plan involving the downsizing of its products, IBM Corp.

CANARIE network prepares to soar to new heights

Although the expiry of its current network is looming, CANARIE just might be singing a bit longer thanks to the efforts of two Canadian telecom players.

Firm puts new switch line into GEAR

Heeding cries from the market as well as its own channel partners, NETGEAR Inc. has added management capabilities to a new line of switches.

One size doesn

One size doesn

Server networks face management woes: report

Although the server consolidation trend is slowly catching on, many companies still rely on distributed server environments for their networking needs.

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