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Samsung puts Palm and phone in one neat package

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is joining the smart-phone race, introducing the SPH-I300 digital assistant, which combines a Palm OS-based personal digital assistant with a wireless phone. It should be available for about US$500 in August from Sprint PCS Group, and later from Verizon Wireless Inc.

Device synchronization gets simpler

An impressive list of major vendors is lining up behind a new synchronization specification that could make it much easier to share contacts, calendars and lists across all your devices.

Adobe puts PDF support on Palms

You no longer need to lug around a laptop to view Adobe Acrobat files on the go: Adobe Systems Inc. is offering a free beta of a PDF viewer for Palm handhelds.

Microsoft updates MSN Explorer

In its ongoing effort to topple America Online Inc. as the reigning consumer Internet service provider champ, Microsoft Corp. is releasing an upgrade to its free MSN Explorer client next week.

Palm M500 & M505

Palm M500 & M505rnSleek Palms gain expansion options

Palm debuts two slim, expandable handhelds

Feeling the competitive squeeze from Pocket PCs and Handspring Inc. Visors, Palm Inc. is releasing a new model that combines some of the major attractions of each while trying to keep the sleekness of a Palm V.

Will subscription service kill Napster?

Napster Inc., the free music-sharing service, may soon ask you for a credit card to join.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Photoshop for the rest of us

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