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1.3 million DNS servers still vulnerable to cache-poisoning

At least one in 10 servers is still susceptible to domain name systems attack despite fixes being made available more than four months ago

One size fits all for WAN acceleration: Expand

The ability to offer higher-spec hardware at a lower price is down to two factors - economies of scale, and the ability to limit the device's bandwidth via software, according to Expand Networks

Triple NAS capacity with compression appliance: Storwize

The company claims 50 to 60 per cent compression on Office files, and up to 90 per cent on database files. Is the inherent write-path latency a trade-off?

Radware accelerates SIP

But competitor F5 Networks says it's already 'quite feasible' to optimize Session Initiation Protocol-based communications applications

Russian ISV offers KGB Employee Monitor

Refog Software takes a snapshot of the active window on the user's desktop either at pre-set intervals or on every mouse click, and can be tuned to watch only certain applications

Onaro updates SAN automation tools

The firm brings out a new version of its software for extending IT service management (ITSM) and data centre automation to networked storage.

Linux touted as operating system of choice, study says

Researchers predict that the number of companies in "early or full deployment" of mission-critical applications on Linux would grow by 40 percent from 2007-2009, and would then accelerate to grow by 80 percent from 2009-2011.

Cheaper 10Gig Ethernet on the way

A new network processor chip could cut the cost of 10Gig Ethernet to as little as US$400 a port, according to semiconductor company Bay Microsystems. Bay

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