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Bruce Harpham writes about project management training at Project Management Hacks. His experience includes leading cost reduction and process improvement projects in the financial industry. Sponsors make or break IT project success. Learn how to build an effective project sponsor relationship with our new report. Go to Project Management Hacks to receive the latest articles.

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7 lessons from Bruce Croxon, social networking pioneer and tech investor

The difference between Canada and Silicon Valley is not talent; it's that the Valley is more self-promotional, notes the creator of Lavalife and digital pioneer

The rise of ebook subscriptions: Would you “Netflix” your books?

As Netflix has shown, there are major profits to be made in selling digital content subscriptions as a reseller. The subscription business model offers benefits for readers who want to read more books at a low cost. This blog compares ebook subscriptions to buying traditional books and the value to readers

From philosophy student to tech entrepreneur: Lessons from Ben Zifkin

Ben Zifkin, founder of Hubba, spent the last decade helping some of the world’s largest organizations leverage technology to meet their business goals. Zifkin shared his knowledge and expertise at the 2016 Startup Grind Toronto event.

To certify or not to certify, that is the question

This summer, I am making my annual trip to the Stratford Festival to take part in a performance of “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare. This...

Four Technology Predictions for 2015

These predictions cover a variety of issues: both “hard” technology and the socio-economic environment

Growth vs. risk: How CIOs can determine their firm’s comfort zone

Third in a series that looks at IT projects as a portfolio of investments that need to be managed over time, with a focus on risk mitigation

Growth vs. risk: Maintaining the core in your IT organization

Second in a three-part series that suggests a way for CIOs to take an investment portfolio-style approach to the opportunities before them.

Growth vs. risk: How smart CIOs strike the balance

First of a three-part series that looks at the ways IT executives can successfully manage their portfolio of strategic initiatives

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