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Some things your users would really like to see from IT

We build system verification, of course, to trap keying errors. Most of the time it’s helpful. But in dealing with real life situations, IT systems need a bypass -- just as we do when looking to spell check on our phones and tablets, we need to be able to say “yes, that is right” even when it won’t pass the test

Where were you when the office became irrelevant?

BLOGGING IDOL: Wherever information technology exists, people can be productive

Take control of your IT by letting go

IT organizations that open doors and find ways to serve their users quickly -- even to the point of turning over certain types of development frameworks to them -- aren't giving up. Rather, they're being businesslike and making themselves the vendors of choice

Five roadblocks to faster

How do you speed up your IT organization? Here are five things that may be standing in your way.

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