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Unified communications still fragmented

Two key issues are slowing adoption, says an industry analyst: Creating a hard-dollar business case for UC and integration difficulties

CIOs overcome shortage of business analytics talent

CIOs are competing for workers with strong math skills, proficiency working with massive databases and with emerging database technology as well as with expertise in search, data integration, and other areas

Nine gotchas to heed before diving in cloud development

Whether developing, testing, or deploying your apps in the cloud, you have to unlearn some beliefs and learn new ones to make it work. Are you up to speed?

Hybrid cloud computing security: Real life tales

Industry experts say that despite the well-publicized worries about security, the mixed IT environment will likely appeal to many organizations, particularly global enterprises rnrn

Rural outsourcing on the rise in the U.S.

A growing number of organizations are taking advantage of lower costs closer to home, by hiring outsourcing providers with operations in rural areas of the U.S.

Is your future in IT a job in the boonies?

Before you plan your move to the country, consider that working in a rural area could mean significant lifestyle changes, particularly if you're accustomed to the city lights

Four barriers holding back storage virtualization

Storage virtualization can save IT managers from a lot of grief but adoption of the technology has been slow. Here are four key factors that are keeping storage virtualization technology bottled up

IT frameworks demystified

As IT becomes increasingly automated under the new data centre architecture, more companies are embracing best-practices procedures outlined in formal IT frameworks.

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