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Ambrose to co chair Crossing Boundaries

Federal Environment Minister Rona Ambrose is to be co-chair of the Crossing Boundaries National Council, formed to promote the development of Canada as an information society.

Message from the Editor

With all the attention to information management these days, you

Message from the editor

This issue of Lac Carling Governments' Review has lots of bullish information and analysis on the e-government agenda in this country. While this material doesn't shrug off the challenges involved -- our scenesetter on the forthcoming Lac Carling Congress is in fact quite specific on that score -- it's generally upbeat.

Message from the Editor

Time is Tight, the song says. And it surely is, when it's famously fast cybertime. A month of cybertime, remember, is worth (fill in the blank: Six months? Two years? Three years?) of what's dubbed "real" time.

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